1. Start every meal and every snack with a satisfying amount of BEST Protein and Good Fat, then add carbs, starting with Most Favorable Carbohydrates which are mostly non-starchy vegetables in unlimited amounts.
  2. Reduce Insulin Stimulants from your diet and lifestyle. (If you take prescription or over-the-counter drugs to manage a disease or symptoms, see our ABC + D approach to healing)
  3. Adopt a HIGH QUALITY, HIGH POTENCY, PERSONALLY APPROPRIATE nutritional supplement program.

All with the caveat that you select non-gmo and organic products (which need not be certified if you know your producer). More info here: The Most Comprehensive source of GMO information on the web

For a visual snapshot, see the Dynamic Nutrition Pyramid

Compare three "balanced" plates:

Plate #1: Nutrient-and-Calorie Poor "balanced" plate.

Plate #2: "Fat Loss" or "Healing" plate.

Plate #3: Ideal "Balanced" Plate

Reinforce your choices with our "feel Good" food check.

Some important facts about food preparation.

If some of this seems to run counter to what you have been taught or what some expert or other has said, please ask yourself why trained dietitians and nutritionists - as a group - are sponsored by junk food companies.

In addition, please read The USDA Pyramid Scheme: We Need a New Way to Define "Healthy" by Adele Hite.