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EMF/RF health effects. This is the original organization which is responsible for resurrecting the work of Weston A. Price. It is, as the website says "a non-profit educational resource providing access to modern scientifc validation of ancestral wisdom on nutrition, agriculture, and health for 56 years. . .We serve as the guardian for the precious archival material from the research of Weston A. Price . . and Francis Pottenger, and most of the great nutrition pioneers fo our time, as well as maintaining a library of over 10,000 historical and contemporary references." Be sure to explore the Pottenger and Price pages while at the website and visit the bookstore for some hard-to-find books, including the latest edition of Weston Price's classic Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Dedicated to disseminating high quality information concerning diet and nutrition, as originally discussed and documented in the meticulous research of Weston A. Price. Tons of good information. Check out the Book Review section, and read some excellent but politically incorrect critiques of your favorite books. On this site or the one below you can find a local Weston Price chapter near you for information on where to obtain grass fed meat and fresh, high quality, unprocessed dairy by contacting the chapter leader listed nearest your state and locale. a project of the Weston A. Price foundation. Find a local chapter near you for information on where to obtain grass fed meat and fresh,high quality, unprocessed dairy by contacting the chapter leader listed nearest your state and locale. Also read the article by Dr. J.R. Crewe, of the Mayo Foundation in 1929 titled The Milk Cure: Raw Milk Cures Many Diseases and a Spring 2004 update titled The Safety of Raw Milk. Read about all the health, environmental and economic benefits of humanely raised, pastured animal products and use the locator tool to find a farm near you. Read about what sustainable agriculture is, and its health and environmental benefits. Search for sustainably raised animal products served at restaurants, or available through retailers near you. Information on GMOs. Founded by Jeffrey Smith, author of Genetic Roulette. GRACE is an acronym for Global Action Resource Center for the Environment. Check out the photos, and the online video "The Meatrix" then read about perennial or regenerative agriculture at the website below. This group is working to stop the financialization of nature and the privatization of our common resources, a noble goal that IMO also requires an overhaul of our monetary system, see . Do check out their "information services." Good discussion of the many ways perennial, or regenerative, agriculture can help improve our environment and our food system, by restoring carbon to our carbon starved soils where it serves as a key plant nutrient. Info on Organic gardening and city farming. Lots of good articles with a poltical perspective, though we recommend reading articles below on Authentic Food and Beyond Organic. Ways to grow food year round in cold climates. Be sure to read the short segment on Authentic Food and some of the articles, especially the one called Beyond Organic, an excerpt of which we have posted at the bottom of Buy REAL Food Locally. "Best of the Web". Easily searchable, you can download many out-of-print classics. We pointed you to the FAQs page, be sure to scroll to bottom for information on individual herbs and other topics. Archived articles by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen in his "War against Health Fraud." Check updates for Bolen's favorite "Quackpot" Dr. Stephen Barrett. for information on the safety of supplements "Pesticide Action Network North America". See alternatives to pesticides in the home, and elsewhere. Environmental Working Group. some good articles. See the issues section, especially on agriculture and Organics. includes a long list of categories including radioactive waste, pesticides etc that are recycled. Also be sure to check info here on recycled radioactive byproducts: All about electrosmog pollution - including that from cell phones and smart meters - which is an invisible form of pollution. Background, history and recent research on electromagnetic radiation. Tips for safety. by Dr. Samuel Epstein, includes info on mammograms, tamoxifen, commercial milk additives and more. Check out the publications and resources page. One of the most popular health sites on the web. Tons of high quality information. Use the search engine to find authoritative articles on just about any topic related to health from mammograms to multiple sclerosis to vaccines to avian flu and more. Current articles and udates, plus info on flourinated pesticides.

Also Extra good photos of teeth as "windows to the bones". See latest scientific data. Scroll to bottom for links to action networks. as well as our page on Vaccines.