Biological Terrain Versus The Germ Theory

Get up to speed on the germ theory in just a few minutes with our slide presentation: Biological Terrain Versus The Germ Theory

Addendum to slide 5, labeled Introductory Dates of Vaccines for Infectious Diseases, and slide 20 concerning the German Supreme Court ruling in 2017 which held that measles is not a virus:

  • As of 1900, the number of people who died from measles was 13.3 in 100,000
  • By 1940, the number of people who died from measles was 0.5 in 100.000
  • By 1960, the number of people who died from measles was 0.2 in 100,000
  • In 1963 the measles vaccine was introduced.

Addendum to the slides 13 through 18, on the microbiome and virome. Dr. Zach Bush, a triple board certified medical doctor with a deep interest in the natural world has spent much of his adult life studying the microbiome and the virome. He is uniquely qualified to provide a more detailed but understandable look at the critical importance of the microbiome and the virome. He tells us that the last 30 years of microbiome research absolutely necessitates a radical shift in our model of human health. He adds that far from being the enemy, the virome is the source of life on this planet; it can be thought of as a stew of genetic information that continually interacts with our biology to maintain balance in the system. He warns that we will create our own demise if we continue our war against the very thing that built us and our world. In this video Dr. Bush explains how the current COVID "pandemic"(and previous pandemics) actually represents a serious disconnect from nature, and details how flu season is really "carbon" season related to industrial-style agricultural seasons. Dr. Bush concludes: The microbiome, and the remarkable communication pathway of the virome, must be understood as our salvation rather than our enemy. If we shift direction quickly, we can become co-creative partners with this nature to prevent our own extinction and to bring forth the richest biodiversity and vitality that this planet has ever seen.

Addendum to slide 19 in our presentation that lists "other considerations" - be sure to check out this video by a former physician and his wife, a former RN entitled Butterfly of the Week 17 August: Profits from Pathogens

Addendum to slide 23 on Koch's Postulates, Dr. Andrew Kaufman details how there is ZERO Evidence that COVID Fulfills Koch's 4 Germ Theory Postulates, one hour and three minutes.

Addendum to slide 28, containing the quote "If the Germ Theory were true, no would be alive to believe it" see this presentation on the Depletion of Susceptibles.

This provides additional, invaluable insight into what happened to the extraordinary scientists who spent their lives developing and extending Antoine Bechamp's work.

If one wants to cling to the opinion that the germ theory is (at best) incomplete, it is only because the biological terrain was and still is willfully ignored. This article titled "The Age of Polio: How an old virus and new toxins triggered a man-made epidemic" helps explain why. SNIP> The misunderstanding of polio has warped the public health response to modern illnesses in ways that actually make them harder to prevent, control, and treat. . .The reality, we believe, is that the virus itself was just half the epidemic equation -- necessary but not sufficient to create The Age of Polio. Outbreaks were not caused solely by poliovirus the microbe was an ancient and heretofore harmless intestinal bug -- but by its interaction with a new toxin, most often innovative pesticides used to treat fruits and vegetables.

This discussion between 3 medical professionals helps bring more insight into how a deep understanding of biological terrain has helped them in their extensive practices. 1 hour and 8 minutes.

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