This recent, fully referenced article from GreenMedInfo begins with these words:

On Jan. 16, 2019 the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a report ranking “vaccine hesitancy” as one of the top “Ten Threats to Global Health in 2019”, alongside air pollution and climate change; noncommunicable diseases; global influenza pandemic; antimicrobial resistance; and infectious diseases such as ebola, dengue fever and HIV. Throughout history, the greatest contributors to disease and early death in human populations have been poverty, poor sanitation and poor nutrition, yet infectious diseases with pharmaceutical solutions dominated this list. And there was no mention of the major opioid addiction crisis crippling and killing tens of thousands of people in the U.S. and Europe, or the iatrogenic medical error epidemic that every year claims more than 750,000 lives in Europe and 250,000 lives in the U.S., where it is the third leading cause of death. . . The immediate mainstream media response to the WHO’s announcement was to focus on “vaccine hesitancy.”

Makes you wonder doesn't it? Let's look a bit at the history, before detailing additional information sources and resources.

Antoine Bechamp's little known but extremely meticulous research into microorganisms caused him to argue strenuously against vaccines, asserting that "The most serious disorders may be provoked by the injection of living organisms into the blood." Untold numbers of researchers have since agreed with him, though they too get little recognition for their work.

Instead Louis Pasteur and his like-minded contemporary Robert Koch - both being shameless self-promoters - easily won the propaganda war favoring the widespread use of vaccines - which then made boatloads of money for everyone associated. In fact, according to researcher E. Douglas Hume, if it had not been for mass acceptance of vaccines, the "monomorphic" or single-formed, fixed state germ theory absent any relation to biological terrain might very well have died a quiet death. Were it not for the propaganda surrounding the germ theory and the money that flowed from it, Bechamp's own findings (rooted in "many-formed microzyma" as opposed to fixed state germs) which showed that the essence of life is a fermentation process of digestion, assimilation, disassimilation and excretion might have received the attention his extremely important findings so richly deserved.

As it was, in the decades following Pasteur's death, researchers tried to expose the fact that Pasteur liberally borrowed, plagiarized and misinterpreted the work of others, especially that of Bechamp - which is how Pasteur came up with the “germ” theory. The efforts of these researchers unfortunately have had little effect on the practice of medicine or the way we think about disease.

Instead, as Dr. Bernard Jensen and Mark Anderson assert in their book Empty Harvest, "The germ theory is still believed to be the central cause of disease because around it exists a colossal supportive infrastructure of commercial interests that built multi-billion-dollar industries based upon this theory. To the scientific satisfaction of many in the health field, it has long been disproven as the primary cause of disease. Germs are, rather, an effect of disease."

To this day, the whole theory of microzymas and how they operate within the regular fermentation process of the body's own biological terrain has never been disproved by opposing research. To the contrary, decades of research – beginning with Pasteur himself - has only served to bolster the mycrozyma theory. Not only does the germ theory remain unsubstantiated today, but some sources assert that Pasteur himself recanted it in his private journal, writing the famous words which were revealed many decades after his death:

“It is not the germ that causes disease but the terrain in which the germ is found.”

Unlike the single-germ theory popularized by Pasteur and used to justify widespread use of vaccines, Bechamp found vaccines particularly troublesome due to their ability to initiate "disruptions in regular fermentations of the biological terrain." This is why he argued strenuously against vaccines, asserting that "The most serious disorders may be provoked by the injection of living organisms into the blood."

For an outstanding and much deeper dive into the true history of medicine that somehow gets lost in the modern medical milieu, see . 2 Hours. You can if you like skip the first 25 minutes where information and credentials are discussed, since these should become evident as the presentation progresses.(If this link does not work, please notify me and I will get you to a good link).

For more information on the Bechamp/Pasteur tangle see the 1935 books Bechamp or Pasteur?: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology and Pasteur Exposed, both by E. Douglas Hume.

In Bechamp or Pasteur? there is a description of Robert Koch, who was a contemporary of Pasteur's and who developed his own germ theory "postulates" - themselves never proven, which are nonetheless still taught in medical schools today.

Bechamp also defends himself against the shenanigans of Pasteur and allies in the last book he wrote called The Blood and Its Third Element.

Contemporary Books about vaccines include the following:

Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? by Neil Z. Miller or Miller's newest book, published in February of 2016, titled Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers

Sanctity of Human Blood 7TH Edition, 7th edition, by Dr. Tim O'Shea

Children's Vaccinations (What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About...) by Stephanie Cave, M.D. and Deborah Mitchell

Virus and the Vaccine 4th Edition by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacker

Also see The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism by James Lyons-Weiler published in November of 2016, along with Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk.

+ONLINE information:+

Dr. Sheri Tenpenny's eye-opening website:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. serves as chairman of the board of the Children's Health Defense, formerly known as World Mercury Project. MUST watch 12 minute interview where Kennedy sums up the main problem: The CDC is actually a vaccine company and the World Health Organization is even more captured than the CDC. In this interview Kennedy also remarks that he is actually pro-vaccine, so long as they are safe but people call him an anti-vaxxer as a way to shut him up. Yet he has been fighting mercury in fish for 35 years and no one calls him anti-fish. Then, in this August 17, 2017 article, Kennedy discusses how FDA regulators used statistical gimmicks to hide risks associated with the HPV vaccines. A seven part series by another author exposes "the complex and widespread corruption that exists in the vaccination program." This MUST READ article succinctly discusses the history and half-truths that surround vaccine efficacy rates, using graphs and charts along with sources to back it all up. Sign up to the e-letter for notifications of new articles.

RFK, Jr. on Gardasil, must watch (or read transcript) if you or someone you know has a teen or preteen.

Aluminum, like mercury in thimerosal, is also in vaccines but unlike the mercury in thimerosal it can't be taken out (should changes be made in the way vaccines are dispensed or stored). Here's why.

The International Medical Council on Vaccination is an outstanding resource for physicians, registered nurses, medical personnel, parents and other laypersons who understand the urgent need to engage in critical thinking for a critical dilemma.

Also see Learn the Risk, which contains links to several online documentaries including Gary Null's The Silent Epidemic, mentioned below. Be sure to check out the page on studies and the page titled "the only vaccine guide a new parent will ever need". While on the latter page be sure to scroll down to the changes in number of vaccines administered to children since 1983.

An excellent website filled with clearly written, down-to-earth, but generally well-sourced information aimed at those new to the vaccine debate, and for those who want to find out more.

An excellent, if highly charged presentation about vaccines before the New York Assembly in 2009 by Gary Null, PhD. In three parts, about 23 minutes total.

Also by Gary Null is this latest documentary offering called Silent Epidemic: the Untold Story of Vaccines. Anchored in facts and reinforced by interviews with numerous medical doctors and other medical professionals, the most poignant elements of this film may come from interviews with parents of vaccine damaged children. One hour and forty eight minutes in length. Riveting and breath-takingly compelling, Null's earlier documentary Vaccine Nation includes the story of a father wrongly convicted of the death of his son due to shaken baby syndrome (one of the "side effects" of certain vaccines) and is another must-see, whether or not you have children or grandchildren. You'll never think about "shaken baby syndrome" in the same way again! You'll also want to review Robert F. Kennedy Jr's article linked above. One hour thirty minutes in length and viewable online.

Short video clip of Suzanne Humphries, MD stating unequivocally that in view of her having spent three years studying vaccines as a result of the issue having come up in her professional life, quote: "There has never been a safe vaccine; never will there be a safe vaccine and it is not possible for there to be a safe vaccine. The reason is that the actual process of vaccination defies the natural function of the immune system." Be sure to scroll down to bottom of this article titled "Google Joins the Pharmaceutical Industry" and view the 21 minute video with Humphries giving more detail on the myths and risks of vaccines. For more information with supporting links can be found on Dr. Humphries' blog.

We are all different and that is why vaccine risks for you or your child can range from zero to 100 percent depending upon the genes you were born with; your microbiome DNA; the environment you live in; your age and health at the time of vaccination, and the type and how many vaccines you get. Fully referenced article by National Vaccine Information Center or NIVIC.

Article discussing how vaccination is NOT immunization, by "Vaccine Lawyer". Not only does vaccination not guarantee immunity, but natural immunity can happen only after one has recovered from the actual disease. Be sure to check this list of vaccine-related injuries which is long, and old, confirming what Dr. Suzanne Humphries so emphatically declared in the above video clip.

Check this brief compilation of how vaccines did not save us, natural immunity did.

While authorities claim that "anti-vaccine" websites do not provide valid documentation, here you will find hundreds of peer-reviewed studies from scientific and medical journal, many of which link vaccines to the onset of new diseases.

Excellent, fully referenced article written by an attorney on Vaccine Myths and Truths. When approaching pediatricians and other vaccine advocates, the author offers a word of caution: "Be careful trying to discuss this subject with a pediatrician. Most have staked their identities and reputation on the presumed safety and effectiveness of vaccines, and thus have difficulty acknowledging evidence to the contrary. The first pediatrician I attempted to share my findings with yelled angrily at me when I calmly brought up the subject. The misconceptions have very deep roots." This attorney has also written The Authoritative Guide to Vaccine Legal Exemptions.

9 questions for pro-vaccine advocates

Timely article about a 2011 government study which confirms that measles are transmitted by the vaccinated. Be sure to read the links, especially those covering the dangers and myths associated with the MMR vaccine.

Another timely article titled, appropriately enough, Measles in Disneyland. Excerpt: Most doctors and parents don’t know that the CDC warns, During outbreaks, measles vaccine is administered to help control the outbreak, and in these situations, vaccine reactions may be mistakenly classified as measles cases. A small proportion of measles vaccine recipients experience rash and fever 10–14 days following vaccination. . . Yes, MMR vaccine can cause vaccine strain measles infection that looks just like measles.

Information on the efficacy of the Flu vaccine - please read ENTIRE page, carefully. Data on seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness, 2005-2017.

Aluminum in Vaccines DOES Cause Autism

For information about how vaccines CAUSED the 1918 pandemic, start with a single chapter of this out-of-print online 1972 book written by a PhD.

Another online book about problems associated with vaccines, published in 1920, comes complete with photos and statements from MDs.

Here is a very long list of vaccination critics who also are or were MDs, including that of award winning pediatrician Robert Mendelsohn. Included are links to articles by these physicians and other experts, some of which go back to 1888.

This page has a long list of links to vaccine awareness and informational websites

MedAlerts is a user-friendly way to search vaccine reactions reported to the U.S. government by doctors, nurses and other vaccine providers, as well as the public.