This "plate" closely approximates what many semi-vegetarians would eat because it focuses on consuming a lot of vegetables, mostly from the "non-starchy" category.

Somewhere around half of this plate is filled with non-starchy vegetables. About 30% of the plate would be animal protein, with a bit of added animal fat and perhaps a small slice of favorable carbohydrate. Some people may find that they will need to eliminate Favorable carbs altogether in order to achieve the best results.

TIP: Start each meal and snack with a satisfying amount of BEST Protein and GOOD Fat, THEN add carbs starting with Most Favorable Carbohydrate category - which are unlimited.

Also AVOID packaged products that contain:

  • hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil
  • refined flour
  • sugar in any form
  • other additives such as preservatives, dyes etc.

If your goal is to lose weight, keep total carb intake just below "maintenance" level: about 15 to 36 grams per meal for the “average” person. If you select only from the Most Favorable Carbohydrate category you will see how MUCH food this really is.

If you have been “out of balance” for some time, you may actually gain a pound or two initially. This is because your body is refilling hollow bones and degraded muscle. And this is why it is better to pay more attention to how your clothes fit than what the scale says.

Results, including a slimmer waistline, become apparent within a few weeks for many people. Others may need to take several months, and a few may take a year or more, depending on how long you have been out of balance, how undernourished you are - and of course your genetic makeup.

Understand that appropriate “targeted” supplements together with a personally appropriate basic multi-vitamin/mineral formula are an integral part of long term success.