High Fructose Corn syrup:

Despite industry claims that high fructose corn syrup "is just a sugar" plenty of evidence exists that shows high fructose corn syrup is linked to both childhood and adult obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, cancer, and a host of other serious diseases.

Here is a list of Studies linking HFCS to various diseases, as well as obesity.

New research which shows HFCS has addictive qualities similar to cocaine.

A new study shows that a high fructose diet "sabotages memory and learning."

This study shows that cancer cells use high fructose corn syrup to multiply and also recognizes that "not all sugars are the same." It unfortunately does not discuss the metabolic reasons why all sugar, even high-vitamin, unrefined sugars are damaging to health in excess amounts.

An article appearing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, with links to full scientific studies, explains the biology of fructose and says HFCS have been implicated as a potential risk factor for cardiovascular disease, among other things.

Another article by an MD, PhD, MS explains the relationship of HFCS to metabolic syndrome and says, quote: "Very few people realize that excess fructose intake may contribute to hypertension. . . . . ."

A paper presented to the American Society of Nephrology discusses a causal relationship between high blood pressure and HFCS.

Another article by an MD discusses a study showing a causal relationship between high blood pressure and HFCS in men.

Another article discusses the connection between HFCS and liver scarring which may be related to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

This article discusses mercury content of HFCS.

This article discusses the environmental impact of the chemicals used to make high fructose corn syrup. It concludes with this horrifying statement: "Hydrochloric acid, a necessary chemical in the creation of HFCS, yields traces of the heavy metal mercury in processed foods like sodas, and the levels of mercury are high enough to cause some serious damage."

Last but not least this makes the point that asking which is worse - Aspartame or HFCS - is a lot like asking which is worse - heart disease or nervous system disease.