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NATURE'S SUNSHINE PRODUCTS features some of the world's finest quality, most effective single herbs, bulk herbs, liquid herbs, herb combinations, and essential oils. Herbs are cryogenically (cold processed) to preserve "vital energy" and they are grown and harvested in environmentally sustainable ways. For more information, read FYI on Supplements.

Also available are premium quality enzymes, probiotics, flower essences, liquids and powdered drink mixes, children's products, body system packs, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, personal products including a superior toothpaste, and more.

Discounts for over 600 premium quality natural health products together with 1000s of pages of hard-to-find health information are available to members. Choosing to BECOME A MEMBER allows you to buy products WHOLESALE, or even below, with a $40 purchase and membership sign up, which is automatically reactivated with a $40 purchase at your membership date. NO minimum purchases required with membership, only benefits.

Please use this link to sign up for membership or to purchase retail: NATURE'S SUNSHINE PRODUCTS

If you CHOOSE to purchase retail, PLEASE use your customer number (assigned by Nature's Sunshine) on all future orders from the Nature's Sunshine website, or by linking from this website for your purchases. 90 day guarantee either way through Nature's Sunshine!

WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMS. Easy installation and maintenance, relatively inexpensive. Call for spec/info sheet. Operates on a referral fee basis, no advertising - so PLEASE let the company know Geraldine Perry sent you.

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