Aluminum is a a well recognized nerve toxin, and has been strongly linked to Alzheimer's (and even osteoporosis). Although aluminum is a common element in the environment, the widespread use of aluminum as an additive is now problematic for us all.

Aluminum is found in our public drinking water, women’s douches, buffered aspirin, antacids, antidiarrhoeal drugs like Kaopectate. A form of aluminum is used as a buffer and neutralizing agent in cereals and baking powder, also for clarifying sugar, in cake mixes, frozen dough, self-rising flour, processed foods. Also aluminum wrap, toothpaste in aluminum tubes, soda pop and other food products.

Aluminum in the form of alum is one of many food additives that caused concern for Dr. Harvey Wiley, author of the first Food and Drug Act and considered to be the first head of what became the FDA. Read Wiley's The History of a Crime Against the The Food Law: The amazing story of the national food and drugs law intended to protect the health of the people - perverted to protect adulteration of foods and drugs