About one third of this plate is EMPTY. Why? Because about one fourth of the plate contains unfavorable carbohydrates, which are processed grains, sweeteners of all sorts, and high glycemic fruits.

If you select your carbohydrates mostly from the “unfavorable” group, you MUST also restrict portion sizes AND increase supplementation.

In terms of the foods you choose, pleasure and enjoyment are as important as which foods you actually eat. But you will find that the more “balanced” your body becomes, the more you will willingly, even enthusiasitically, choose the best macronutrient forms of each food category. So don’t give up - keep at it - because while overall results may take time they are worth it.

The easiest approach to rebalancing your body through diet is to follow four simple rules:

  • Start each meal and snack with a satisfying amount of “best” protein and added “good” fat, then add carbs, starting with "most favorable"
  • Eliminate “damaged” fats
  • Limit “unfavorable” carbs, and to a lesser extent favorable carbs as well - AS YOUR METABOLISM REQUIRES
  • Always use lots and lots of “healing “ herbs and spices - and eat at least some raw and some fermented foods